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This step is only a few short clicks. The estimated time is about 5 minutes.

Please note: You will need a copy of the current coverage to submit.

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If you’d like us to shop your policies at the same time as gathering your gap results, you’ll have the opportunity to proceed to underwriting information. 

Please note, you’ll be asked questions about your home, auto, and valuables – so having some of the details on hand is helpful!

Lifestyle Review

In our Lifestyle Review, you will find 20 yes or no questions and a link to securely upload your current policies. It is a great way to get a pulse on your current program and uncover if there are any gaps you’re exposed to based on how you live. You can stop here and wait for our lifestyle gap review, or you can combine steps and proceed to the market questions needed to shop on your behalf.

Within 3 days, an AiK2 team member will email you and your advisor your lifestyle review in PDF and video format. This is where we will talk through current policies, gaps, and any recommended steps to shore up coverage.  

What you’ll need:

  • 5 minutes to complete the questionnaire
  • Copies of your current coverages


Select the ‘Get Started’ option below and follow the instructions on each page. From there, we’ll start the shopping process.

Market Analysis

The Market Analysis is a little more in-depth and includes 35 to 40 characteristic questions about your home, auto, and valuables that are required by the insurance carriers for shopping.

Within 3 days, an AiK2 team member will reach out and confirm we have everything we need to go to market. Within 14-21 days from submitting your information to the carriers, we will email you and your advisor your Market analysis in PDF and video format. This is where we present new coverage options.

What you’ll need:

  • 20-25 minutes to complete the characteristic questions
  • Copies of driver’s license (Please note: We need to know driver’s license numbers in order to run motor vehicle reports. These reports help to determine pricing and overall eligibility with specific carriers)

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