Creating Content That Connects With Customers.

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Connecting with the right audience takes more than luck and referrals from your trusted clients. To get in front of the right people, you need to speak their language and provide them with the right information. 

If you’re looking to grow your digital footprint and speak your customers’ language (and Google’s!), Foxcrest Media is here to help. 

How It Works

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I work with small businesses and agencies to develop effective marketing content that aligns with a business’s target audience. From SEO targeted blog posts to service area landing pages and more, I use words to resonate with both people and Google. 

My Content and Writing Services

Experience Across Industries


Website copy, SEO blogs, and email automation consultation.


Website updates, social media, and event management.


SEO blogs and social media consultation.

“Sally is the most responsive, adaptable, and professional writer we have worked with. Our clients even mention her by name when they leave us feedback because of her amazing service and helpful responses. Her ability to stay up on the ever-changing trends in social media, as well as her ability to write practical and digestible written blog content, make Foxcrest Media our go-to content provider. 10 stars!”

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A simple process with proven results

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My approach to SEO writing is deeply rooted in search trends and real-time data. Whether I’m working on website copy or writing SEO blogs, I use the industry’s best tools and reports to see what your customers are searching for, what your competition is posting, and how you can capitalize on any gaps within your industry. 


The first step is connecting with one another! Send me an email, give me a call, or request a time for coffee so we can start the conversation.


Once we develop the right strategy for your business, I’ll begin to collect research and present you with the next steps in the process.


After a few months of working together, we will review the results of our efforts and discuss areas of opportunity you may want to further explore. 

Looking to improve your marketing mix?

I’d love to learn more about you and your business! If you prefer to stay behind the screen, feel free to shoot me a message with any questions or services you need. 

“Helping small businesses grow and reach their customers is my favorite aspect of the work I do. You can see the tangible effects our simple services have on the business’s bigger picture. It’s a victory worth celebrating every time!”


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Nice to meet you!

I’m Sally, and I’m happy you’re here! I am the owner and strategist here at Foxcrest Media. I love words, research, and helping businesses expand their marketing reach.

Meeting new people is always a joy, and sharing my knowledge to help educate others is a huge passion of mine. 

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