I love writing.

Since a young age, Sally has always had a love for writing. From website copy and social media captions to screenplays and personal projects, Sally has written it all. Her love for linguistics, digital marketing, and branding intersect here at Foxcrest Media. 


With a background in website writing and past experience as a Content Strategist, she draws inspiration and skills from these areas to help her write copy that resonates with brands, speaks to their clients, and gives Google all the right feels.

Get To Know The Name

A third-generation business name, Foxcrest Media holds a special meaning to Sally. Her family name, Fox, and childhood home, nestled along the banks of watercress beds in Central Pennsylvania, come together in the name, “Foxcrest.” 

If you run into Sally at a local coffee shop, be prepared to talk all things home decor, new social media features, and sports. 

For those who work with Foxcrest Media, they gain a strategic partner in their website, digital marketing, and brand voice. Sally is honored to have worked with so many amazing small businesses and entrepreneurs doing big things.