How do credits work?


If you choose to work with me at Foxcrest Media, you’ll see the mention of credits outlined on our Pricing & Packages page. If you’re unsure of what those credits mean, I’ll try to break it down for you. 


Credits are simply ways for you to allocate my services in a plan that is custom to your needs. Each month, we will touch base to see how you’d like to “spend” those credits. Regardless of your package, blogging is the main focus in all of the writing. Beyond those blogs, I will help you share the blogs with your audience and increase clicks back to your website through various channels, primarily on social media platforms and in emails. 


So why credits? I chose to do a credit system for my clients to ensure that they were receiving exactly what they were wanting and paying for. I don’t want to box anyone into a digital marketing strategy that isn’t working for them. If you don’t have a huge social media following, emails may be a better place for us to start. Just like every business is unique, your approach to blogs, website traffic, and digital marketing should be, too. 


Choose exactly how my services support you and watch your business grow. And if you’re wonderful how to know where to allocate those credits, I’ve got your back. I’ll help you strategically plan which credits may be most beneficial for you, will monitor your success, and will provide insight from reports to see if what we’re doing should continue or if we should explore another avenue.

My Packages



includes 1 blog and 5 credits to spend as you choose



 includes 2 blogs/mo and 8 credits to spend as you choose



4 blogs/mo and 16 credits to spend as you choose

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