You asked, so I'll answer.


What is your educational background? 


I graduated from Millersville University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Communication, optioning in Public Relations, and a minor in English. I also hold certification for Google Analytics and challenge myself to ongoing education all year long. 


How much do other writers cost? 


If you’re looking for writing support, but aren’t sure how much it costs, you may find a wind range of pricing. Freelance Copy Writers usually cost between $50-$100/hr, depending on their background, skillset, and if any technical writing is required. If you’re looking for support with writing from an Agency, the pricing will be much higher depending on what you’re looking for. 


How do you decide what topics each blog post should be? 


Every client comes from a different background, so doing research and pulling keywords on real-time data is extremely important. When I’m pulling together blog topics, I’ll touch base with your team to find out what questions are clients frequently asking and then compare those to what your audience is searching on Google. Once I find a gap in a lack answers to common questions, I’ll identify that question as one we will want to blog about and craft a blog title from there which is “placeholder” until the research actually begins. For example, a blog topic might be “5 Tips to Writing Better Blogs” but once we research the topic and begin writing, there may actually be 8 tips we want to highlight. The process is very similar for pulling keywords, too. 


Can I see reports of live data any time? 


Absolutely! You’re always welcome to log into any of your platforms to review real-time data and reports. As far as my reporting goes, you can use credits from your monthly plan to schedule a time for us to dig a little deeper into things and strategically talk about the numbers you’re seeing. Everything is always transparent and you have access to all platforms and accounts.

My Packages



includes 1 blog and 5 credits to spend as you choose



 includes 2 blogs/mo and 8 credits to spend as you choose



4 blogs/mo and 16 credits to spend as you choose

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