Pricing and Packages

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Have you ever worked with a company and wondered, “what is my investment actually doing for my business?” With Foxcrest Media’s credited services, you don’t have to guess anymore. I offer package options to suit all of your needs. And the best part? You choose how you spend your money, month to month.

  1. Simply pick a package that works for your business
  2. Connect with our team to get started and nail down your first month’s credits
  3. See your business grow and touch base with us each month to strategically allocate your credits
  4. Adjust and proceed each month as needed

My Packages


includes 1 blog and 5 credits to spend as you choose

Recommended Pairing

1 social media post 

1 branded email or 1 monthly analytics review call 


 includes 2 blogs/mo and 8 credits to spend as you choose

Recommended Pairing

2 social media posts

1 email newsletter



4 blogs/mo and 16 credits to spend as you choose

Recommended Pairing

4 social media posts

1 email newsletter

1 monthly analytics review

How can I spend my credits?

Group 73

Your monthly credits can be used in a variety of outlets, from monthly touch bases to social media posts and more. Change up your service credits each month or keep them the same to support an ongoing campaign.

However you use them, know the choice is yours.

Credits Can Be Used For:


Social post on your platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram).


Send one (1) email sharing your blog post.


Performance Review Call on social, email, and blog results.

nick-morrison-FHnnjk1Yj7Y-unsplash (1)

Email marketing set up (set up an account, import contact list, set up 1 email template).


Social media profile setup (Claim, brand, and optimize Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram).

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Design, write, and send your audience a monthly branded email - and track opens and clicks.

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