Feeling Uninspired? Check out these five places to look for inspiration when you have none

Staying always inspired and full of new ideas is draining. I read somewhere that no idea is really new; someone somewhere at some point probably had that same idea before you. Who knows! It may be true or not, but all that I know is that for some of us, we have to actively search for inspiration- and there is nothing wrong with that. 

The idea that inspiration can strike at any time is definitely true. But what about those periods in-between? With many of us cooped up at home, a need for new places, spaces, and faces is extra helpful right now. There are only so many hours in a day to start at that white wall or to rewrite the same blog post (guilty…). 

So for those of you like me who need to be inspired, check out this list of 5 places to look for inspiration when you have none and get to creating!


Medium is one of my favorite outlets to read. I wouldn’t call it a news source, but a lot of writers and contributors do write about current news circumstances. I use Medium when I’m needing inspiration as a business owner or employee.

There are so many great articles on a variety of topics. Although you can only access 3 free articles per month, memberships are very affordable and actually help pay many of the authors on the platform. If you choose to set up an account (free or paid), you begin by selecting topics that interest you. These range from tech and business to cooking and crafts. There truly is something for everyone.

Based on those interests, Medium then curates daily emails with suggested articles and filters your profile to see things you may enjoy reading. Some of my favorite reads have been from referred articles with amazing authors. When I find an author I click with, I go into a rabbit hole of reading many of their pieces.

2. Pinterest.com

Pinterest is much more of a visual platform versus Medium which provides readings, but Pinterest is another source I gather so much inspiration from. Not only have I found some great business resources and color inspiration, but you can use Pinterest as a starting point and branch out to all kinds of websites.

Many of the “pins” (or content) that I like and save comes directly from small businesses and blogs that I then frequent regularly. Much of Pinterest’s content is user generated, making it feel extremely authentic. It also filters your feeds based on content you search and pins you save, so it’s always relevant to what you want to see.

If you need a place to start, feel free to follow Foxcrest Media and check out our posts!

3. Mix.com

Back in the day, Mix (what was once Stumbleupon.com) was my jam. The content on Mix is shown a little differently than other inspirational sources. Like others, Mix has you choose areas of interest and things you want to see, but here’s the catch. Instead of a newsfeed of content, Mix actually bounces you from website to website based on what it thinks you’ll like. As you bounce from site to site, you can rate site based on how much you liked it and it aligned with your interests to better help the algorithm understand what you want to see.

Don’t blame me for the hours you’ll spend on this one, but you will not regret the things you’ll learn, the sources of inspiration you’ll come across, and so much more.

4. Get Outside

If your eyes are strained from staring at your computer all day and some fresh air seems like a thing of the past, try getting outside for a while.

With social distancing in place, you won’t want to be anywhere crowded, but even so, there are a lot of options. With many businesses in cities closed currently, walking the downtown streets always seem deserted in my neck of the woods. Additionally, many nature trails and paths can be found in Central PA.

If you’re still not loving the thought of being outside potentially near others, try exploring your backyard if you can. Maybe set up a blanket and have a picnic or spend some time in that garden you always talk about.

A car ride is a personal favorite of mine, too. I love driving the back roads with the windows down. It’s a great way to get out of the house, find inspiration in the every day, and really appreciate this beautiful new season- Spring!

5. Schedule A Virtual Coffee Date With A Colleague Or Mentor

Virtual happy hours and Zoom meetings may be getting old, but is it because of the virtual aspect or the conversation surrounding it? If you’re feeling uninspired, talk to someone who gets it! Sometimes the best way to bring new ideas into your mind is to release everything else you’re holding onto.

Whether you’re chatting about business or complaining about sucky circumstances (it’s okay, we’re all allowed to feel our feelings), talking to someone such as a colleague or a mentor may be a great way to let it all out. This “inspiration” can be very therapeutic and can allow you to step away refreshed and recharged.

What other ways do you find inspiration when it seems worlds away?

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