This formula will help you write viral blogs

Have you ever wondered how a blog goes viral? Does it have to be a popular, well-known writer creating the content or perhaps someone with a large social media following? Absolutely not. With this formula, you can be writing viral blogs by next week. Of course, your content needs to be accurate and engaging, but these 3 elements will ensure your writing is recognized for the quality content is truly is. 

1. Write a killer headline 

While the content of your blog or article needs to be of substance, the headline is really the most important part of your writing. A killer headline is one that dares the reader to click on it. Without a headline that grabs attention, even the very best articles fall to the wayside. 

So how do you write a killer headline? You follow these principles. 

  • Use numbers. Readers like headlines that utilize lists, numbers and play off one another. Ever heard of 30 things I learned in my 30s or 20 ways to success in 2020? Maybe yes and maybe no. But numbers in headlines, especially those that play off one another, are sure to get you clicks and reads. 
  • Use specifics in your headline. “This” article or “these” tips are the ones people should be reading. When you use words like this, these, the one, etc., people are curious about what that particular item is. 
  • Turn questions into statements. Whether you’re using agency-level SEO tools or not, people intuitively season on Google and other search engines by asking direct questions. How do I do x,y, and z. What trend is popular for this or that. Simply take those questions and spin them into statements. “This trend is number 1 for millennial entrepreneurs.”

2. Organize your content and make it scannable

Once your headline is nailed down, the actual content of your blog posts needs to accommodate the two types of readers we encounter; the scanner and the cover-to-cover reader. You will want to organize your blog using headers, subheaders, lists, and bullets and chunk everything with photos, graphics, etc. so it’s very easy to read. 

Not only does the content need to be easy to scan and preview, but it also needs to be organized in a way that makes sense. I recommend taking a first stab at the blog and then going back through with this in mind. Does point 1 lead into point 2? If things are chronological, are they actually organized in your blog correctly? 

3. End with a clinching CTA

Lastly, end your blog or article with a clinching CTA. What is a CTA? A CTA is a call to action or physical action your readers can take to do something you want them to do. This could be to get a free quote, learn more, check out another resource, or many other things. 

Be intentional with your CTA and use it in a non-sales way. Offer insight and advice to your readers that are relevant to the topic they’re reading about. 

Have other questions about writing killer blogs? I’m here to help! Shoot me a message and I’d be happy to offer insight on any areas you’re unsure about. Give these tips and try and let me know how they work for you. I may even be reading your viral article here shortly.


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