How Sparrow Websites showcases clients through social media

Who is Sparrow Websites

Sparrow Websites is a website design company based out of Lancaster, PA. Sparrow helps small businesses get websites up and running – that are both beautiful and smart.

Helping small businesses crush the website game

Sparrow has been helping small businesses launch websites site 2016, but they recently designed a new product, their Launch Kits, that cannot be beaten when it comes to price, turnaround time, or quality.

Repurposing content for social media

Sparrow and I worked together to create easy-to-share social media content to highlight their Launch Kit products. They wanted a social media strategy that was simple to follow and also effective. Their goal? To highlight these amazing businesses and showcase the new websites they were producing.

A turnaround time you cannot beat…. seriously!

Because Sparrow works so fast and light (like a Sparrow, of course), customers cannot beat their turnaround times for projects… and I had the challenge of trying to keep up.

Sparrow launches new websites in as little as 5-days, so the social media content with them is never-ending. This is actually a great problem to have, but we wanted to make sure projects weren’t getting lost in the shuffle.

Working smarter, not harder

To accommodate for all of these projects, we decided to use a beautiful graphic template to highlight each website. The templates are very easy to recreate and can be share in so many ways – on social media, in email marketing campaigns, on their website.

How you can level up your social media

Are you looking to create a smart and fun social media strategy for your business to execute in the coming weeks? Foxcrest Media is happy to help! I work with clients to develop plans that feel doable and fun while also working towards the larger goals and giving clients the greatest ROI.

To get started, simply request a custom quote today and expect to hear back from me shortly!

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