Why Should Your Business Blog: 5 benefits of starting today

You’ve probably heard throughout the past few years from someone in your circle, “you should start a blog!” And oftentimes, it’s not bad advice. If you’ve ever thought about starting a blog for your business or you wonder if it would actually be beneficial, here are 5 positives of starting your blog today. 

1. Grow Your Website 

First off, as a general rule of thumb, fresh, new content on your website is positive in Google’s eyes. By starting a blog and staying diligent with consistent content, you can increase your website’s traffic, page views, and even your rankings on Google. 

2. Engage Your Audience (and potential new customers) 

Secondly, by producing content that your audience actually wants to consume, you’ll provide a place for these customers, and often times people who may be unfamiliar with your brand, to come for answers to their questions. 

3. Position Yourself As The Thought Leader In Your Field 

Are other businesses in your industry blogging? If the answer is no, then you really need to start today. Whether others are blogging or not, by starting, you show to those who land on your website that you care about your business, keep up with current issues/questions/news, and have profound insight in your field. Be the thought leader you know yourself to be. 

4. Bring Outbound Sales Inbound 

Unlike social media, blogging is a great way to bring leads to you. Although it doesn’t happen overnight, with keyword driving blogs and strategic calls to action, you can increase your inbound sales and set up simple automation to capture these users in your sales funnel. 

5. Create New Entreepoints To Your Site 

Much like individual service pages help your website gain visibility in search, blogs do much the same. When done correctly, blogs can bring organic traffic to your site through search engines. This means that someone who’s never heard of your website or brand can land on it through a strategically titled blog with answers to questions they’re searching for. 

Beyond these benefits, blogs are a great way to connect with your community and showcase that you care enough about your business to keep it current and fresh. Depending on your resources, time, and knowledge of writing, many businesses can manage blogs in-house with a simple content calendar and a few hours set aside each month to write them out. 

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