4 Reasons Why You Should Clean Up Your Email Lists Regularly

Does your business use email marketing? If so, it’s important to understand why regularly cleaning up your email lists is a huge benefit to you. And if you don’t already, remember these tips for when you do start to collect client or lead emails. It may come as a surprise that removing emails from your lists can actually be a good thing, but just to make sure you understand the benefits, here are four reasons why you should start cleaning up your email lists regularly starting now. 

1. Stay out of spam folders.

When you’re taking the time to create and send newsletters, the last thing you want is for your subscribers to miss those emails because they are getting filtered into spam folders. If you don’t regularly clean up your email lists, those newsletters you send may bounce, or not deliver successfully to email accounts that are inactive or simply misspelled. Each time your emails bounce your account gets flagged as potential spam. So the more emails you send to these emails without weeding them out of your email list, the more likely it is your accounts get flagged as spam for all subscribers. 

2. Increase your email analytics.

By regularly cleaning up your mailing lists, you’ll notice your email analytics will begin to increase. This is because you’re removing email subscribers who don’t interact with your emails, don’t open your emails, or don’t check their inboxes. By removing them, your list will become small but actually becomes better. Think quality over quantity. Those left on your list are quality leads or customers who enjoy engaging with you, not email subscribers who could care less about what you’re sending. 

3. Engage with the right audience.

Much like point number two, by scrubbing your lists regularly, you’re ensuring that the people on your mailing lists actually want to be on them. This can help largely when you send emails with links, registrations, or other calls to action. Instead of getting lost in spam folders or unopened accounts, your emails are delivered to users who really care about what you have to say, promote, or share. 

4. Save money!

For some email marketing tools, you can save money by regularly cleaning your mailing lists. Accounts like Mailchimp offer a payment structure based on your number of email subscribers. Less subscribers = less money. Although we encourage businesses to grow their lists, retarget old leads, and utilize email lists as a CRM, saving money while regularly cleaning them is working smarter, not harder. 

Ready? Let’s clean up those lists! If you’re unsure where to start when it comes to email cleanup, feel free to reach out! There are lots of great resources out there to help you get started. If you use Mailchimp, Constant Contact, or other commonly used email marketing tools, be sure to check out their blogs and resource libraries. They often have step by step blogs to walk you through exactly how to scrub your lists specific to that platform. 

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